General Ages:

Most students range between 35 and 60, but there are students as young as 16 and as old as 82.

What if I don’t have a partner?

We might be able to find a dance partner for you. You would be asked for your age and your height so that we could find someone reasonably compatible in those areas.


Partners are necessary as these are ‘partnership’ dances. Mostly you would only be dancing with your partner, but sometimes we would have you switch partners to experience leads and following with other people.  That will help you to become a much better dancer.

What to wear?

Comfortable casual is fine. No need to get dressed up for your lessons. But shoes are a different matter. Rubber soled shoes tend to stick to the floor rather than glide. Leather soled shoes work much better, and somewhat of a heel for the gals (2-3 inches). Actual ballroom and latin shoes are available. They have a special sole that makes for better maneuvering on the floor. They are only worn on the dance floor because of their special soles, thus have a very long life. But best to be sure that this is something that you are going to continue on with before making the decision to purchase.

Can I pay for each lesson one at a time?

No, we don’t have the staff or the time to monitor payment collection at every lesson. But also, lessons are progressive, which means that each lesson is an extension of the lesson from the week previous. To truly benefit from your lessons, you need to commit to the full 10 weeks. Fees are to be paid just before the first lesson of the season, and can be paid at the hall – arrive 20-30 minutes early for the first class.

I’ve never had any dancing experience or lessons.

That’s why beginners’ class is called ‘beginners’. This class assumes that you have NEVER danced before. You will not be alone. Everyone in the class is brand new to dancing, just like you.

I'we want to become really good dancers.

That’s great! No one has more fun than dancers! Group classes are where you will learn patterns and steps; and you will also have the social enjoyment of being around many other students. But if you really want to learn good technique, form, and style; you will likely want to take private lessons as well. They are taught at my home studio in Abbotsford – East side of Abbotsford, close to Chilliwack.


We have 3 Friday night parties during every 10 weeks of lessons. They are not open to the public, thus no witnesses. Ha! You can personally invite your friends or family members though. I often advise you of other dances offered in the Lower Mainland as well.

Please note: The parties are a place for you to practice all your new moves, and to socialize with other students who are there for the very same reason. Some students may be more novice than you. It is not a good idea to try to ‘teach’ other students. It may embarrass or intimidate them. That being said, it is totally fine to lend a helping hand sometimes if it can be done without appearing to be an actual lesson.; Everyone needs a friend!

As a leader, when you begin to dance with a (new) partner, start out with easy and simple steps until you can assess how much she is comfortable with. A good dancer would never try to outdance his partner, nor make any comments to make her feel inferior or uncomfortable. Remember – you were new once too.

The man’s plate

Especially in the early stages of learning dance, the man’s plate is overloaded. He is expected to lead the girl at the same time that he is learning his own steps. So, girls PLEASE – be patient with him. Understand that he wants to become a good leader, but he has twice as much to learn as you do. Only one of you can lead, so do not take away his lead, or you will never have a partner that can lead you.

‘Serious’ or ‘have fun’?

Ballroom and Latin dancing can be one of the most challenging things that you have ever tried to learn. Try to go with the flow, and don’t be too hard on yourself (or your partner). If you are on the crossroads of thinking ‘serious and miserable’ or ‘having fun, and even laughing at yourself’ – choose plan B. You are here to have fun, and if you do – you will surely learn a lot more.

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